• Valentina Ferro

    Valentina Ferro

    Physicist, illustrator, and space pirate temporarily based on earth. Author of the sci-art book Inking Science: newoldscience.com/product/inking-science/

  • Drew Thaler

    Drew Thaler

    I make big things. Formerly: Naughty Dog, Sony, Apple.

  • Colin Lenzen

    Colin Lenzen

  • Sarah Heidmann

    Sarah Heidmann

    Marine biologist based in the US Virgin Islands. I write about science, climate change, books, and more. Support me: https://ko-fi.com/sarahheidmann

  • Lauren Sara McKee

    Lauren Sara McKee

    I am a scientific researcher and teacher based at a technical university in Stockholm, Sweden. I write about life, science, and the environment.

  • Liza Brusman

    Liza Brusman

    Scientist. Queer. Bringing my whole self to everything I do.

  • 陳柏愷


  • M. Lockwood

    M. Lockwood

    M. Lockwood is an environmental epidemiologist. She also works as a science communicator and participates in STEM outreach programs.

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